Weld Mesh

Weldmesh fencing is a barrier fencing that is manufactured in square or rectangular mesh from wire and spot welded at each intersection.

It is a relatively inexpensive fencing solution but has the advantage over chain link wire as it doesn’t bend so easily and cannot be easily cut. This makes it an ideal solution to your fencing needs where a low level of security is required but where chain link fencing is too easily overcome.

Steel Palisade

Steel palisade has two types of pale, D profile or W profile giving more protection. Both profiles have options of pale style heads and anti-vandal fixings. Standard heights are 1500mm to 3000mm.

Self Raking Railings

The flexibility of the panels follow the contours of the ground accommodating for sloping or uneven surfaces giving heightened safety and security to your site.

The non-welded design not only allows for quick installation, the railing adjustments can be made on site and the unique railing system can be provided in various colour combinations.